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A hidden fairy tale teahouse, in the beautiful northern suburbs of Sydney.
For a girly getaway near the heart of Sydney, The Vaucluse Tearoom is the answer. After venturing out for a sunrise coastal walk, a well-deserved breakfast with beautiful chinaware is the ultimate fairy tale-like touch. Their website also showcases their location as a lovely wedding venue, which only reinforces their beautiful scenery. 
The Vaucluse coastal walk is an amazing way to spend the other half of your day. It is most breathtaking during sunrise or sunset, with views of the Harbour bridge at the horizon. Sometimes there are also tourists venturing out to capture the beautiful scenery.


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<![CDATA[Camellia Gardens]]>Sun, 12 Jul 2015 09:39:48 GMThttp://misselizawonderland.weebly.com/blog/camellia-gardens
Going back to basics never felt so good. A little getaway, within minutes from home can be as revitalising as satisfying wanderlust.
Like any person who likes to do things in mini extremes, too much of one thing is never the best answer. 
My over consumption of materialism has now converted myself to nature loving mode. 
Except, I've never felt better. 
Let's see how long this obsession with nature will last. Til then, expect many images of nature-based landscapes. The root of wanderlust has begun!


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<![CDATA[AUTUMN CHILLS]]>Mon, 11 May 2015 11:48:59 GMThttp://misselizawonderland.weebly.com/blog/autumn-chills
Although it is currently Autumn here in Sydney, Australia, the cool chills have begun creeping into our days. As we begin to add that thicker blanket for bed, our dress code for singlets and shorts have been slowly diminishing. Let the shivering begin!
White Beanie - Boohoo Clothing 
Purple/Pink Lipstick - Concept Eye #602V
Wicked Time Jumper - Hong Kong Boutique
Silver Cuff - Lovisa Jewellery
Grey Stretched Skirt - Forever 21
Silver Faux Fur Bag - Hong Kong Boutique
White Sandals - Report Signature @ NastyGal
Yes, the coolest that Sydney really ever gets is usually around 10 degrees Celcius (50 fahrenheit), so we shouldn't complain too much. But with the culture being to wear as simply and as few as stylishly possible, it is not to happiest times for our commonly midi skirt and crop top loving dress code, as of late. Comparatively, Sydney women tend to dress more like a lunch at the beach, compared to other city's street fashion, no matter where we actually are. 

Here my outfit is fairly simple,  pairing a form fitting jumper and skirt to imitate the warm holiday feel (rather than a baggy jumper, cuddly look), silver ear studs and arm cuff for boho references, and white accessories to brighten the outfit. To make the look more polished and "done-up", adding a eye-catching lipstick is my go to method. If you have no idea what to wear, I opt for jeans, white shirt and lipstick. Adding accessories like a beanie or a few pieces of statement jewellery can usually do the trick.


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<![CDATA[MERCEDES-BENZ FASHION WEEK 2015- Part 2]]>Tue, 28 Apr 2015 11:04:00 GMThttp://misselizawonderland.weebly.com/blog/mercedes-benz-fashion-week-2015-part-2
Yes, you asked for it! A small insight into my favourites at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Sydney, Australia.
Michael Lo Sordo
The buzz of anticipating the catwalk had everyone quite animated. The fact that our desire for fashion allows a dedicated event is just rewarding! There were gift bags lined at every seat, and many were treasuring the moment to take photos of one another. As the catwalk came in motion, the first thing that came to mind was the thumping. From the music. As our chair shook to the bass. It took some getting used to. It's thus no surprise a neighbour had expressed their distress at the Opening Show.
Quite a noticeable selection of the items tended to focus on fluid silhouettes, through light fabric such as cotton and silk. The focus was based more on femininity and glamour. Geometric shapes and designs were also on display, either through outlining the structure of the item, the fabric colours, or through influencing the silhouette. My favourite that night were the dresses by Michael Lo Sordo, accented by pleats and drapes. The weightlessness and fairy like appearance of the gowns were dreamy and enchanting! Definitely looking forward to seeing more of their upcoming designs.


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<![CDATA[MERCEDES-BENZ FASHION WEEK 2015 - Part 1]]>Tue, 21 Apr 2015 04:41:12 GMThttp://misselizawonderland.weebly.com/blog/mercedes-benz-fashion-week-2015-part-1
My ear drums were dying, the seats were shaking, but my heart was pounding. 
The excitement of experiencing Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Sydney, Australia. 
Along with goody bags filled with hair products, The Collective Magazine (my favourite), a portable charger and lookbooks, there were hair styling sessions and fashion portraits to admire. Not surprisingly, those images had been hand picked by Margaret Zhang, as well as a plaque of her opinion on current fashion.
Grey Knitted Cardigan - Hong Kong Boutique  / Grey Faux Fur Bag - Hong Kong Boutique / Lace Cardigan - XX Boutique / Leopard Cardigan - Cotton On / White Crop Top - Ebay / White Shorts - Zeitgeist Sydney / Nude Heels - Tony Bianco
The main focus of the venue was the runway, as there aren't many activities to expect within the building otherwise. Cafe stores, product promotions and brand advertisements were the main buzz here. I believe a good twenty minutes would give you enough time to look around prior to the runway event. Nevertheless, it gave a great insight into the upcoming trends and the inspiration from many designers. My next blog post will be focused on  runway design insights, as a taste of what this year offered.
The outfit I wore here was to accommodate the cooler weather of Autumn, especially the temperature changes between day and night. Layering added texture and more visual aesthetic to my otherwise neutral palette. 
Plus the faux fur bag is there because fluffiness is awesome. 


Miss Eliza WonDerland
<![CDATA[AUTUMN EASE]]>Sat, 11 Apr 2015 05:10:47 GMThttp://misselizawonderland.weebly.com/blog/autumn-ease
Sunshine on a rainy day! Thank goodness.
Leopard Sunglasses - Sportsgirl
White Manhattan Lace Jumper - China Boutique

Silver Beaded Bracelet - Greek Culture Markets
Black Maxi Skirt - Ice Clothing
Spongebob Bag - Hong Kong Street Markets

Thongs - Roxy

Although the weather was wet for practically the whole of Easter, we were blessed to have at least a day of sunshine. Hello, beach! It may have been windy, but that didn't stop us from soaking in the atmosphere. The beach looked beautiful. I'll definitely be posting some photos of the beach for you on Instagram, over the next week or two. 
Finding the existence of a secret rock pool area was also an exciting find! Especially when you realise there's a spot of paradise locally. Bless Sydney beaches. This outfit wasn't exactly the most windproof of choices, but the maxi skirt retained the beach vibe, when the top and bag gave a touch of street wear.


Miss Eliza WonDerland
<![CDATA[A NEW ANGLE]]>Sat, 28 Mar 2015 01:54:21 GMThttp://misselizawonderland.weebly.com/blog/a-new-angle
With new technology, modern society has now allowed us more career flexibility than ever. I've met so many people along the way, who've taken the path they think they 'should', rather than the path they desire. Now, most of them ended up changing their career paths. Not surprisingly, back to their original love. 
In a world where entrepreneurship is now more tangible then ever, career paths need not be as traditional as previous generations. Education has now become the aid, rather than key, towards success. This is especially true from the the influence of online businesses and social media. University also does not necessarily teach us the importance of networking with like-minded individuals. Understanding the industry of interest is something university and schooling sometimes diverges us from, even if it is unintentional. 

With the growing influence of technology, our boundaries needn't be limited to our location anymore.  Our dreams are allowed to be bigger. I know some friends who are also working towards their entrepreneurship dream,  and the benefit of the shrinking world has allowed us to reach similar individuals globally.
This blog was something totally random at first and a little experiment, and it's become my nest of learning the power of social media, as well as the internet. Who would have thought we could learn so much? 
Black Premier Hat - Hong Kong Boutiques
White Chesty Singlet - Giordano
Leopard Cardigan - Cotton On
Grey Faux Fur Bag - Hong Kong
Blue Jeans - Hong Kong Boutiques 
Brown Lace Ups - Skechers Shoes
Today's outfit colour palette is based on mainly neutrals, with the jeans being the main point of interest. The cardigan was legitimately for the cooler Autumn change in Sydney, but it ended up looking pretty awesome around the waist. It almost looks like a make-shift skirt! Been trying to dress more casually and young, because we can only be young once. Better to dress slightly younger than older. There's plenty of opportunity to dress our age later!


Miss Eliza WonDerland
<![CDATA[LIVE FOREVER]]>Fri, 13 Mar 2015 10:39:15 GMThttp://misselizawonderland.weebly.com/blog/march-13th-2015
Sometimes, it's easy to be too 'busy' on the net, rather than with family and friends.
Travelling to Hong Kong provided some fashion inspiration from the Asian industry; and its contrast with Australian street fashion was quite prominent. 
First off, looking glamorous was expected, rather than a surprise. The high influence of celebrities meant that a third of the girls would wear at least mascara and lipstick, freshly cut hair and the latest hair colour trend. In Sydney, a singlet/t-shirt with a skirt and sunglasses was already considered decent, plus mascara here and there. Unlike Hong Kong, Australian fashion is much more relaxed, flowly and floral, reminiscent of our culture and love of the beach.
Pink Lipstick - 3CE Lip Laquer #602
Swarovski Earrings - Lovisa
Black Live Forever T-Shirt - Hong Kong (From Allied Plaza)
Grey Faux Fur Bag - Hong Kong
Black Snakeskin Skirt - Sportsgirl
Sandals - Report Signature @ NastyGal
Being surrounded by the city of Hong Kong, with its high population meant the ability to see more trendy girls. Oh how the inspiration flooded my veins! It would be hard not to have caught off a little of their tastes back home. This outfit reflects their love of patterns and printed shirts, as well as wearing a bold lipstick. With the edition of this extremely fluffy bag!! 
My precious......

Also, now that my materialistic pleasures have been fulfilled in Hong Kong (well...almost hehe), travelling has reoriented my life to become more family focused. Travelling and talking to your family on a daily basis, and often, was now normal. This behaviour has now even been brought home, and the change is surprising. 
I also no longer stay on the computer as long, realising how being on the net aimlessly is such a stupid way of spending each minute of my shrinking lifespan.

Remembering the last time we literally stopped to just smell the flowers, enjoy the view on our daily commute, or even putting aside some time to getting to know our family/friends is a strain. 

Sure, we have commitments, but truly living is a life worth keeping, yes?


Miss Eliza WonDerland
<![CDATA[JUST BEAT IT]]>Sun, 25 Jan 2015 12:50:23 GMThttp://misselizawonderland.weebly.com/blog/just-beat-it
At this time of the year, the only reason you'd ask someone to "beat it" is to beat the heat. The Summer sun here in Sydney Australia can turn you into a pink sausage in less than ten minutes... 
Head Chain - Lovisa
"Beat It" Michael Jackson T-Shirt - Cotton On
Silver Bangle - Lovisa
Split Maxi Skirt - Ice Clothing
Blue Suede Shoes - Kenji
When I was a young teen (i.e. okay maybe just 4 years ago), I was undoubtedly an overly obsessed celebrity fan, as you do when you're young and infatuated. Michael Jackson was my victim. So my sweet friend, being the thoughtful person she is, had bought this shirt for me as a gift. 
Yes, expensive gifts are awesome, since someone pays for something you can't afford. 
Yet there is always something heartwarming from a thoughtful present, that no money can buy really. I am so grateful for this gift, and I pretty much wore it the next day. The excitement was more distinguishable than purchasing my new camera!

I felt that cool tones would go well with the outfit, and so silver jewellery was put in place. 70's style clothing is super hit right now, so it's hard to avoid the inspiration when you're like me, on Instagram practically every day...(plus checking a few times a day!) The blue heels were a fun way to add colour also! 
If you had a crazy celeb crush during your teens (or even now), please do mention it in the comment section for funzies!

Miss Eliza WonDerland
P.S. I will be travelling overseas for approximately a month, but have no fear, Instagram will be here for updates on my little adventures!
<![CDATA[2015, I'M LOOKING AT YOU]]>Fri, 16 Jan 2015 11:55:52 GMThttp://misselizawonderland.weebly.com/blog/2015-im-looking-at-you
Change has finally come. A new look, from a new camera! Starting with a pure, all white outfit.
Just because it's a single colour, it doesn't mean it'll have to be boring. Working with monochrome means the aim is focusing on detail, down to your jewellery. Gold rings, earrings and ear cuffs were on the agenda, working well along the gold buttons from the shorts. Because hot weather doesn't have to equal a plain outfit!
Beanie - Boohoo Clothing
Leopard Sunglasses - Sportsgirl
Singlet - Giordano
Shorts - Zeitgeist Sydney
Sandals - Report Signature @ NastyGal
This look was shot all thanks to my new Sony RX100 M3 camera, costing AUD$900. Yes, no small cost. But not only is it compact, it is quite powerful for its size. Now I can finally provide higher quality images, as well as photograph as a hobby.
This year is definitely a new beginning in my life, from graduating, to travelling, to finding the right career path. When does the worry end? 
I guess now, I understand the obstacles never stop, but our perception can change. Now, I see new obstacles as new adventures rather than threats. Oh how that changes the world.  


Miss Eliza WonDerland